May 3 Showcase

Innovation with… and without technology:
A teaching & learning showcase

Join the Center for Teaching & Learning and a group of Queens College faculty (and their students) for a showcase of innovative teaching practices and engaging learning experiences.

May 3, 2013
9:30 am to 3:30 pm
Location: Patio Room at Queens College (south side of Dining Hall, across from Klapper Circle)


9:30 am
Breakfast & Welcoming Remarks

10:00 am | Meghan Healey (Drama, Theater, Dance)
Flipping the classroom: Using podcasts, Facebook, and Picasa to learn about 100 years of fashion history (recorded presentation)

10:30 am | Sophia McGee & John Vogelsang (Center for Ethnic, Racial, & Religious Understanding)
Bringing dialogue techniques to life: The difficult situation mini-drama (recorded presentation)

11:00 am | Nathalia Holtzman (Biology)
Strategies to engage students in large lecture classes: Blackboard, experiential learning, and student community building (recorded presentation)

11:30 am | Laura Harrison (Urban Studies)
Urban research & technology, part 1: Service learning internships (recorded presentation)

12:00 pm | Melissa Checker (Urban Studies)
Urban research & technology, part 2: Community profiles

12:30 pm

1:30 pm | Joseph Cohen (Sociology)
YouTube videos in a hybrid course enhance student attention and retention (recorded presentation)

2:00 pm | Kristin Mozeiko (Aaron Copland School of Music)
Student presentations on YouTube: Practical and time saving

2:30 pm | Ted Kesler (Elementary & Early Childhood Education)
Technology to deepen and enhance students’ literacy practices

3:00 pm | Rob Garfield (Center for Teaching & Learning)
Urban research & technology: part 3: Responding to unfolding events

3:15 pm | Rowena Li (Center for Teaching & Learning)
Social Media as an Online Teaching Widget

Click here to view Ted Kesler’s and Rowena Li’s presentations

3:30 pm
Wrap-up and raffle

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