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Kevin Ferguson (English & Writing at Queens)
Ted Kesler (Elementary & Early Childhood Education)

Why Digital Writing? Kevin L. Ferguson, English & Writing at Queens

Kevin will discuss his experimental class “Introduction to Literary Study,” which meets on Mondays face-to-face and on Wednesdays digitally. Especially challenging is the fact that this is a “W” or writing-intensive course, and Kevin will demonstrate some of the ways that technology enhances the teaching of writing. The title “Why Digital Writing?” is thus not so much a justification of incorporating digital technologies into the classroom (why you should use digital technologies in general) as it is a question of rationale (why specific digital technologies can help you achieve writing-based learning goals).

Using Technology to Promote Writing and Response to Literature Ted Kesler, Elementary & Early Childhood Education

In this presentation, Ted discusses work he does with his preservice graduate students and with public school students in upper elementary and middle school grades to integrate technology for the teaching of reading and writing in purposeful ways. Ted will connect these uses of technology with multimodal and new literacies theories. Participants will come away with ideas for using technology to promote their own students’ literacy development.

If you missed this Tech Talk, click here to watch the recording.

Tools for Creating Rich Media

You supply the script, Xtranormal will create an animation. Watch this example on YouTube.
Build an online scrapbook. See Ted Kesler’s Glog at
Create videos with images, music and text. Educators can apply for a free Pro account to make videos of unlimited duration.

Digital Composing Rubrics
Assessment of Social Action Writing
Digital Storytelling Rubric
Group Presentation Grading Criteria
Personal Digital Response Grading Criteria

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