This website is a growing collection of resources for teaching and learning, with and without technology.

The authors include collaborators of the Center for Teaching & Learning:

Eva Fernández

Instructional Technologists
Rob Garfield, james.garfield@qc.cuny.edu
Jean Kelly, jean.kelly@qc.cuny.edu

QPortfolio Mentors
Carina Nieves, carina.nieves1@qc.cuny.edu
Michael Perlman, michael.perlman@qc.cuny.edu
Rachel Stern, rachel.stern@qc.cuny.edu

Faculty Collaborator
Rowena Li, rowena.li@qc.cuny.edu

Special Thanks
Greet Van Belle, the inspiration for this site

Our central mission is to recognize, promote, and sustain the quality of teaching and learning at Queens College. We support this collective effort by providing faculty with opportunities to discuss and learn about all aspects of teaching and learning, assessment, and the curriculum.

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