Authors’ rights workshop

Publishers often ask authors to sign away some rights as a condition of publication. When you publish your works, what rights do you retain? Can you repost it on your website? Who owns your copyright? How can you retain the rights you want? Should you consider publishing in open access journals?

Aiming to strengthen your knowledge about intellectual property,the speakers covered several aspects of academic publishing with a focus on authors’ rights, including:

•    Considering the benefits of retaining copyright
•    Assessing the types of contracts you may be offered
•    Negotiating a better contract
•    Accessing alternatives to traditional academic publishing
•    Recognizing current problems with the academic publishing environment

The workshop focused primarily on journal articles rather than other types of publications.

Michael Miller, Associate Librarian for Public Services, Benjamin Rosenthal Library
Nancy Foasberg, Humanities Librarian, Benjamin Rosenthal Library

If you missed the presentation, a recording is available here.
Download a pdf of the slides here.

Additional resources:

Scientist meets Publisher  – explanatory video
JAMA – Authorship Responsibility, Conflicts of Interest and Funding, and Copyright Transfer/Publishing Agreement (pdf)
Wiley-Blackwell –  copyright transfer agreement (pdf)
BioMed Central – copyright and license agreement (pdf)
SHERPA/ROMEO – searchable list of publisher policies
SPARC (The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) Guidelines and Tools for negotiating contracts
Columbia University Libraries’ Copyright Advisory Office –  guide to negotiating ccopyright agreements
Funding models for OA journal
SPARC guide “How Open Is It?” (pdf)
Directory of Open Access Journals
SPARC – Author Addendum
Open Access Pledge

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